Festival Offer: Cafflano - Klassic

Festival Offer: Cafflano - Klassic


Once upon a time …if you wanted freshly brewed speciality coffee you had to find your nearest artisan coffee shop or make do with a flask full of home brewed coffee

Every day …people would form queues at their favorite coffee shop or pour aging coffee from their flasks

One day …someone asked, why can’t I enjoy the beautiful experience of freshly ground and freshly brewed speciality coffee whenever and wherever I want it?

Because of that …Cafflano decided there had to be a better way of making speciality coffee portable: -

  • no old home brewed coffee in a flask
  • no carrying around a grinder, a filter dripper, a dripper kettle, and a tumbler
  • the freedom to use different beans throughout the day

Because of that…they combined their passion for coffee and product design to create the worlds first all-in-on portable speciality coffee-brewing product – The Cafflano Klassic

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