Frank and Earnest, it's more than just a name. It's a mindset, a promise to be Frank in our approach and Earnest in our efforts. A statement of our desire to push the boundaries of speciality coffee and to revolutionise not only the way we roast, brew and dispense our coffee but how we enjoy it too!

We want to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience, that's why there are no short cuts here. Every stage of the process is subject to extensive research, development and detailed testing. From ethically sourcing our speciality grade beans through to roasting, brewing and nally to our unique dispensing solutions. We want to ensure that each and every customer gets the full uncompromised Frank and Earnest experience.

You see, Frank and Earnest is built on more than just a desire to break new ground, it's the result of 25 years of friendship, a shared and well travelled passion for speciality coffee and an appetite for experimenting. It's upon these foundations that we apply our natural curiosity and infuse our perfectly roasted and brewed coffee with science and innovation. We're bringing coffee to life and we want to share our adventure with you! 


The team behind Frank and Earnest


Best friends for 25 years, two different journeys, one common enlightening experience of speciality coffee creates the mission for ‘Frank and Earnest’, (or Richard and Ben) Crafted Coffee

Richard has spent the last decade serving coffees to the residents of Bury St Edmunds along with a few notable recording artists whilst running the Shrubbery Café and Recording studio.

Richard’s passion for speciality coffee started whilst living in New Zealand where he had his first encounter of a handcrafted coffee from freshly roasted beans.  

Inspired by the quality, flavours, and freshness of these coffees and remarkable customer service Richard set up his own café so he could share these new encounters.

Similar to Richard, Ben’s eyes were opened to the fascinating world of speciality coffee whilst working with a coffee house in Australia.  “The difference in quality and flavour of freshly roasted coffee was unbelievable compared to my previous coffee experiences… the craft and passion involved in the process was incredible”

Sharing the same passion for freshly roasted coffee and wanting to play their part in making these experiences more accessible they set about creating an open, honest, and direct speciality coffee company – Frank and Earnest Crafted Coffees.

“We wanted to set up Frank and Earnest so we could provide the unique and memorable experience of fresh roast coffee well beyond our little Shrubbery Café, we also needed the brand to reflect our fair, hardworking, and down to earth approach”

“Being self funded we have begged and borrowed to get started, our roasting room has a history longer than our friendship, our family and friends have been an amazing resource and we really struck gold with the referral of Mike Smith’s design services to help us bring the brand alive”


Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, we hope you enjoy your Frank and Earnest experience.